MilesWeb Review – Factors That Determine If Linux VPS Hosting Is For You

MilesWeb Review – Factors That Determine If Linux VPS Hosting Is For You

Linux VPS hosting is the perfect web hosting solution that has plenty of rumours. For instance, many website owners prefer Linux VPS hosting servers instead of shared server or dedicated server. You can try MilesWeb’s Linux VPS server with highest uptime and get a smooth web hosting experience. Also, if website owners prefer Linux VPS hosting servers they give a relevant web browsing experience. 

Linux VPS hosting servers are mostly preferred worldwide because such VPS servers have an open-source operating system. Hence, if you are running an online business opt for the VPS hosting by MilesWeb. Major enterprises prefer cPanel dedicated server but for small budget we recommend VPS is best for you.

For a non-techie user, understanding technical terminologies might be a challenging part and many website owners take the managed VPS hosting service. In this type of web hosting service, there is a technical team dedicated to manage web hosting operations. 

In this post, let us discuss what all things are required that help you in determining Linux VPS hosting servers. Keep reading this post and check out determining factors. 

Key Attributes of Linux VPS Hosting Servers

First, just understand reasons that what makes Linux VPS hosting servers an ideal web hosting service for online businesses. So, first factor is that Linux is more user-friendly operating system in comparison to Windows. Windows operating system is highly beneficial for computing tasks, but in web hosting operations, this operating system brings more challenges because it becomes a time consuming task. 

Even Linux VPS hosting servers rarely face technical errors and are highly secured servers. Since Linux OS have advanced configurations to protect your VPS servers from most of the malware or viruses, you can rest assured that your business is thoroughly protected from online threats.

Moreover, scaling online business is no more a challenging task with Linux VPS hosting servers. Biz owners can easily grow their business with no restrictions. Hence, handling more traffic on websites are possible as biz owners are getting enough resources. With such resources, you need not to reason to worry about the resources till the time your business matures to the level of affording a fully dedicated server hosting.

What to consider while purchasing Linux VPS hosting?

  1. Central Processing Unit (CPU)

If you know how VPS hosting servers work, you must have known that a physical server is divided into virtual servers with independent operating systems and resources. It means, every virtual server present in the physical server will be a standalone server with no resource sharing to other users. 

Server resources like CPU, RAM, and the disk space are important for you to accomplish web hosting operations.  Hence, prefer reliable Linux VPS hosting provider MilesWeb. They offer a higher CPU core and other features that help website owners to host their resource-intensive applications. If your CPU size is low, your hosted site will be slower and will be unable to handle more traffic and make all web applications efficient and top-performing. 

2. Disk Space

Earlier, conventional disk storage method (on HDD) was more popular to store all kinds of web projects. However, the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) have a limited storage space that do not accommodate volumes of web projects. With MilesWeb’s VPS hosting plans, website owners get upto 500 GB SSD disk space.

So, no matter how much resource-intensive web applications are there to host, opt for Linux VPS hosting servers and mark your online presence efficiently. MilesWeb has the top-notch VPS hosting server to scale your online business and give a secured web hosting infrastructure. Also, there will be no disk space sharing with other hosting account users. 

Thus, the performance level will be higher of websites and applications. 

3. RAM

Akin to computer infrastructure, you cannot ignore the RAM factor in web hosting operations. You need a good RAM size for your VPS servers. For instance, if your server has the capability of handling 100 visitors per month, but to meet your hosting needs, you require a 2000 visitor per month handling server. 

But how is it possible? It is because of a good RAM size of VPS servers. MilesWeb is the leading VPS hosting provider offering upto 128 GB RAM to all website owners with one 1 dedicated IP address. So, there will be no problem in hosting high-traffic websites or applications with their VPS hosting servers. 

4. Bandwidth

The bandwidth is the next name in this list that determines the quality of websites and applications. MilesWeb offers upto 3000 GB Bandwidth to website owners so, there will be no problem in getting a smooth web hosting experience. 


Linux VPS hosting servers are configured with top-notch web hosting infrastructure. Get a higher CPU, RAM and the disk space and when you are looking for VPS servers, do not forget factors that we have mentioned in the blog. Opt for MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting services and scale your online business hassle-free. 

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